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About Indie Earth Publishing

Indie Earth Publishing is an author-first, independent co-publishing company based in Miami, FL, dedicated to giving artists and writers the creative freedom they deserve in publishing their Poetry, Fiction, and Short Stories. Determined to bridge self-publishing and traditional publishing, we provide our authors with a plethora of services that are meant to make them feel like they are finally releasing the book of their dreams, including editing, design, formatting, organization, Advanced Reader teams, and more. With Indie Earth Publishing, you’re more than just another author, you’re part of the Indie Earth creative family, making a difference in the world, one book at a time.

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About Flor Ana

Indie Earth Founder, Writer, Book Editor, and Designer

Before founding Indie Earth, Flor Ana was on the search for a publisher for her own debut poetry collection. Then, the pandemic happened, and not hearing from publishers, Flor set on a mission to self-publish her own poetry collection. Achieving that milestone, she began touring her book and a lot of people began asking her about the self-publishing process. Wanting to lend a helping hand, Flor began self-publishing mentorships with writers, which later led to her founding Indie Earth as a way to provide writers with the creative freedom of self-publishing, backed by a reputable publishing house. Since then, Flor Ana has helped publish dozens and dozens of books, and has published 4 poetry collections of her own.

Prior to founding Indie Earth, she worked as the editor-in-chief of a memoir and self-help publishing company and gained a lot of knowledge in the publishing field, making her capable of helping writers achieve their publishing dreams. She has plenty of experience and knowledge of Adobe products, cover design and interior book design, and over 5 years of book editing experience. Invested in every book she takes on, when you work with Flor Ana and Indie Earth, whether you're needing our services to self-publish or want to be an Indie Earth author, know you are in good hands. 

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