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Indie Earth Books


The Willow Weepings

Kendall Hope

July 7, 2023

Monster Jackpot

Terry Lander

May 4, 2023
What Once Was An Inside Out Rainbow.png

What Once Was An Inside Out Rainbow

Amelie Honeysuckle



Catalina Prieto

April 11, 2023
Moth Placeit 1x14.png

A Moth Fell In Love With The Moon

Flor Ana

Periodic east.png

Periodic East (Periodic East, #1)

Gabriel L. Rodríguez

At the beginning of yesterday.png

At The Beginning Of Yesterday

Tiffiny Rose Allen

February 22, 2023
Resembling A Moth Cover.png

Resembling A Moth

John Queor


Haikus to Irish Tunes

Erin Flanagan

Mayra Cover Concepts (5 × 7 in).png


Mayra Almaguer


Bravery, Heart & Red Shoes: An English-Spanish Poetry Collection

Sofia Iriarte

The (1).png

The Spell Jar: Poetry for the Modern Witch


a poetry collection (5.06 × 7.81 in).png

Pockets of Lavender: A Poetry Collection

Kendall Hope

stories from the forest (1650 x 2550 px) (2).png

The Drinks Between Us

Vincent J. Hall II

nourish cover (5.06 × 7.81 in).png

Nourish Your Temple: Self-Love & Care Poetry

Flor Ana

stories from the forest (1650 x 2550 px) (1).png

The Eve Of Our Generation

Keanu Joaquin Del Toro

stories from the forest (1650 x 2550 px).png

Stories From The Forest: 10 Stories of Nature, Love, Loss and Life


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